Is it really 100% baseball if my boyfriend is a baseball agent?  YES!!!  My poor boyfriend! There is no doubt this man loves me if he has to put up with me and my lack of baseball knowledge!  After going through two seasons I’ll admit I know just as much as I did when I first met him. I ask him questions and make notes but still every game, on TV or watching live there is something new…

Here is my full hearted attempt to know this sport and more (yes there is a lot more).

About ME?

If you are someone special in my life then you are my life. So other than the obvious I am also a mother and a back-up mom (better than a stepmom in my opinion), a personal cheerleader, an inspiration and a soul sister.

As for sports, I love watching it live but playing it was not my thing. I was and still am not athletic (God love my boyfriend for being patient with me). Sure marathons and races are a sport but after watching seasons of The Walking Dead running just seems more of a survival tactic than a sport.