Section 108, please.

Finally went to my first baseball game this season. The entire night started with 2 hours sitting in LA traffic to the stadium by way of freeways and side streets (a little detour to Los Angeles Pizza Company… Best pizza near the stadium before and after the game!) then the Giants playing against the Dodgers and ended with them losing 1-3 in a beautiful warm night with the sun setting in the orange and purple sky.  Aside from the poetic night, there was never a dull moment sitting in the section we were sitting in, the Family Section. This section is where most of the visiting players’ family and friends in the town come and watch. This is normally located behind home plate in the second level which I now call it the “Yes that was me screaming from under the seats when the foul ball is flying towards me” section. I swear the ball looks heavier, larger and faster when it comes your way and you have no where to run. “Catching” it would be the fun and wise thing to do but it never plays out that way in my head!

If I’m not in a Stop, Drop and Roll situation, then I have the pleasure of meeting the families. Sunday’s game was quite interesting. Since the Dodgers and Giants were playing in LA, again the fun and wise thing to do is go Blue. Even with one of our players in the Giants, I accessorize in orange but wear a Dodger hat. Some people question it and others were a bit upset. Apparently having a conversation with the player’s father while wearing the opposing team hat didn’t sit well with some. I have to admit I didn’t notice I had the hat on. Yikes! At least the father didn’t make a comment and there were no texts to my boyfriend about the hat…again. Yes the player’s mother made a comment last year. Lesson learned to check twice on how I look and the traffic before I leave the house for a game.

Wrong Hat

Another interesting observation is the crowd surrounding us. You can tell the families from the friends as well as the ones cheering for the rookies and the veterans. The families and extended family are the quiet ones. A few clap and cheer when their player is up but usually they are cool and quiet. If the player is a rookie then maybe a bit vocal and a standing ovation. The ‘friends’ are a bit different and come in a group usually more than four. They take pictures in every direction, tag it, check it in, Snapchat it, record it and FaceTime it. I’ve seen it all. They talk about everything about baseball like the game, e.g. rules, players, who played the position last year, who was traded and what’s going on in front them or not about baseball like what are their dinner plans are for the week or office gossip. I don’t complain much.  I’m sure I was that person once…once. Being there 100% or not, it’s nice to see the fans of our players fans sitting around us. It’s nice to hear them cheer for them and the team. I may not be wearing the right hat that evening but I too felt like a proud parent!



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  1. Mighty Casey says:

    Great read! Love the fresh perspective and touch of insider knowledge. Please keep the posts coming. 🤓


    1. Thank you Mighty Casey! Happy you enjoyed it! There’s more to come!


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