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One week down and 25 weeks/6 months/2 equinoxes to go. That’s a lot of baseball!

This first week our players did great! 4 home runs, wins from the pitchers and a newly retired player was back at the stadium as a commentator for a team he played on (with a southern accent, I can listen to him for days!). One game lasted 10 innings to a lost but it was still exciting to HEAR. I have Direct TV. Just in case you are unaware, all Dodger games are shown on Time Warner cable. It’s business but when I had Time Warner and wanted to watch a game on iPhone or iPad, I couldn’t! I could only watch it on TV in my home on my couch. If it was a Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead marathon, then yes I can understand being in the comforts of my sweats, a blanket and a glass of wine but not for a game. Also trying to follow a game on a computer was foreign to me too but that’s for a later discussion. It’s fine though. I believe watching it live is better if I had the time…

162. That is the magic number. It’s the number of games each team plays in a regular season. Like I said before and to put into perspective that’s 25 weeks, 6 months or 2 equinoxes! Relative to other sports it’s a lot less than baseball. Here are the number of games for each sport:

  • NBA 82 – 6 months
  • NFL 16 – 4 months
  • NHL 82 – 6 months 
  • MLS 38 – 8 months

All these sports overlap when they are played so every guy in our house is making very good use of every sport channel we’ve purchased. If you throw in college football and basketball (brackets only), the Olympics and a couple of Food Network competitions then it is a complete picture of our viewing habits or obsessions. 

But getting back to the magic number of 162 games played during the regular season. This means they are playing almost everyday but pitchers rotate and play every four to five days. This allows them to rest their arms. But is it too much to play everyday if not a pitcher? After watching two seasons of major baseball, I remember watching my boys play when they were in Little League. They would kick a couple of stones or pull some blades of grass waiting for the next batter. For our players I don’t think they are pulling the grass blades but there’s some time between batters and innings where they can rest up, or sometimes the ball doesn’t even come their way. Like they say, do what you love. Do I try to watch every game? Yes, I try because I love…

Let me know what you think. 162 too much?

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