Language Please!

So far our players are having an awesome start in the season!!! Two home runs, pitchers did great and a handful of RBIs!

Today this cryptic text was waiting for me to be decoded from my boyfriend,

“Player D just crushed a HR!!! Tater, bomb, moonshot. U know.”

No, not really honey! Not completely glued to a device or TV, I see the text and right away think someone has some employment issues and is drinking on the first day.

Aside from the lack of athleticism that I do not at all possess, I have come to learn there is some hidden language that is known as Baseball Phrases!  This would be similar to adults quoting lines from The Godfather to a 10 year old who’s never heard of the movie. However in my world it would be easy to say it’s like learning a college level Japanese if I’ve never known the symbols but it’s more like if morse code had a dialect only spoken on Tuesdays by apples.  So I’m ready and ready to learn (I’m not going to go through every phrase but just the important ones for the day.)

Getting back to the text, apparently it meant someone hit a Home Run (HR, not Human Resources) and there are many nicknames for Home Runs. As you can see there are 3 – Tater, Bomb, Moonshot BUT there are more. Blast, Dinger, Dong, Four-Bagger, Four-Base Knock, Homer, Tape-Measure Blast and Touch ’em All. That makes 11 and more than I can count with my hands!

Take your pick but I like the Tape-Measure Blast.




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